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100% founder-owned investment firm specialising in private and early-stage public healthcare investments in Australia and New Zealand.

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The Opportunity

Australia and New Zealand benefit from a combination of strong governmental support for healthcare research and development alongside a severe lack of dedicated capital for commercialising innovative healthcare businesses. This results in an environment where innovation is supported yet underfunded and has led to a material historical disconnect between company fundamentals and valuations.

The majority of capital available in Australia for innovative healthcare companies is focused on very early stage companies, often many years before the company’s assets begin human trials.

KP Rx strategically targets the value inflection point where preclinical studies are complete and early human data affirm safety, dramatically reducing risk and time to exit. With valuations of these businesses in Australia mirroring US pre-seed stage companies, a unique opportunity exists to invest in de-risked assets poised for commercialization, offering the potential to capture returns similar to seed-stage investing but with significantly less risk, and achieve exits within just 3-4 years of investment.

KP Rx Healthcare Opportunities Fund

The KP Rx Healthcare Opportunities Fund is designed to capitalise on the severe lack of capital dedicated to healthcare commercialisation in ANZ, targeting under valued early-stage opportunities with significant near-term upside potential. By partnering with healthcare companies at Phase 2/3 or early commercialisation stages, KP Rx can leverage its knowledge and expertise through the later stages of development and commercialisation to unlock material value for business owners and shareholders along the way.

The Fund is structured as a closed-ended Venture Capital Limited Partner (VCLP) with a 10 year life. The cornerstone investors include Karst Peak Capital, Australian family offices and a group of Australia’s most successful healthcare entrepreneurs. The Fund is open to wholesale investors only.


Creating a portfolio of ~15 of ANZ’s most promising healthcare companies.


Target net IRR of 20% over the life of the fund.


Aim to return the majority of the capital 4-6 years into the fund's life, with a formal 10 year cap providing flexibility to unlock greater value by investing in companies  that benefit from staying private longer.